What does 2Hands do?

Our Mission

To help Vulnerable Children achieve major improvements in their lives which create a lasting difference without ongoing support from 2Hands.

Our Vision

To create a world where no child lives in poverty, fear or oppression, where all have access to Education, Opportunities and choices essential to a long, healthy and creative life.

Capacity building with focus on Vulnerable Children of the society.

2Hands does not only aim to address and improve the living conditions of children in need but also involves them directly in multiple fields of charitable work while enabling them to take responsibility for their lives, their future and the society they live in.

Partnerships with other local NGOs.

2Hands Projects and programs are mainly funded through donations (more than 80% from public and institutional donors and 20% from Individuals).

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We Believe All Children Deserve a Chance and A Bright Future

The Problem.

What we hope to change.

Considering these miserable statistics, each individual affected deserves a chance at redmption.

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Children live on the streets.

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Young people 13-18 yrs not in school.

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6–12-year-olds have never been to school.

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Children country wide don’t know how to read and write.

Our Programs.

Our Programs


Secure livelihoods offer the vulnerable a pathway to forge their way out of poverty. Children from poor families in developing countries face many risks, a number of which are associated their livelihood.


For one in Six Ugandan children and young people growing up in poverty, it can limit their choices, opportunities and outcomes in life. Investing in the education of a disadvantaged child delivers long-term positive benefits for them, their family and potentially generations to come.


Children who have no parental care or whose families have no financial means to pay medical bills struggle with their health. 2Hands Foundation aspires to financially support kids and their families who are struggling to overcome health concerns and the costs involved.

How to Help

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You can empower children facing adversity to unlock their full potential and shape a brighter future for themselves.

What You Can Do

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We are constantly in search of skilled professionals and businesses who can generously contribute their expertise and services to make a meaningful impact

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We are blessed by the generosity of individuals who kindly show how much they care.

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