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In today’s world, ICT has tremendous power to boost the potential of young people and communities. Providing children and young people with access to the Internet, digital technologies and developing their digital skills broadens their development opportunities.
Uganda is still a developing country in the world. Though it has attained middle income status, the United Nations Human Development Index (combining income, life expectancy, adult literacy and school enrollment) ranks Uganda 159th out of 189 countries. For Uganda, like other developing country, poverty clearly remains a major issue and its eradication in all its manifestations is a priority for Industry and corporate, civil society, government and the international community.
ICT has not only become the main driver of education but a means and motivation for lifelong learning. Development organizations also see information and knowledge sharing using ICT between themselves, government, the private sector, bilateral and multilateral aid agencies as key to tackling poverty. A strong and committed NGO such as 2Hands Foundation can provide efficient and diverse services to ICT beneficiaries through our Education Program.
Our long-term goal is Providing computers to our local schools for young people in Uganda, facilitating other related technical infrastructure provision for productive use of the computer, providing training and capacity support to users in schools, providing software and content support, Facilitating Internet connectivity, e-learning, monitoring and evaluation services; and Providing research in ICT for Education development support.
In challenging settings where it is difficult to access quality school and vocational education, health services, decent jobs and reliable information, our ICT for all program allows us to offer these services to vulnerable children and young people. But we can’t do it with you, please join and let’s provide a bright future to our future generation.