In the year 2020 and 2021. 2Hands Foundation reached approximately 1500 families in the poorest and most vulnerable communities around Kampala. 2020 was the most difficult year people in these areas and worldwide had to deal with because of the deadly virus that put almost everything to stand still. This meant people had to stop working for their personal safely. This caused many challenges like food insecurity and high crime rate. Our work cuts across various main program areas; livelihoods, health and nutrition, education, and in case of emergencies.
In a year like no other, our commitment to stay and deliver held strong. As COVID-19 spread to every corner of the world, society almost everywhere was upended; the health emergency of the virus also brought with it economic and social crises in our country.

As lockdowns were implemented, many parts of the business sector and economy were closed and many people’s livelihoods were decimated. This was the first time in our country where a crisis affected all of our programs both Local and National. Thanks to an extraordinary collective Effort across all parts of the Organisation, together with the support of our donors and the public, we have Delivered even more than we thought we could.
Throughout 2020, our teams’ central Priority was to amplify the Experience of people around the country Affected by COVID-19. People living in vulnerable communities struggled to earn enough to ensure that their families have enough to eat, get adequate health care and an education. Our livelihoods Programs aimed to give them the tools to ensure they are able to earn a sustainable living, help them to learn new skills, improve the productivity and set up small businesses to generate more income.

In 2020 & 2021, our Education Programs directly Benefited approximately 500 children directly and indirectly. All children have the right to an education and we believe it Provides one of the best routes Out of poverty. We integrate our education programs into both our development work to give extremely poor children more opportunities in life and to support their overall well-being.
The goal of our education program Is to improve the lives of extremely Poor children in a sustainable way by increasing their access to quality Primary education.
Over the past year, 2Hands has built a good relationship with local schools which provide education to these children and encourage them to stay in school despite the situation they are facing in their personal lives. This is an important key part of strengthening the education system by developing and supporting Community Education Committees, who are responsible for school management and encouraging the local community to send their children to school.
On a national level, 2020 & 2021 was an Incredibly challenging year for education in Uganda with a six-month countrywide COVID-19 suspension of classes, inadequate resources for effective home learning, and restrictions preventing classes from resuming.


The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic presented an exceptional challenge for our country as well as all over the world. Given the impact of the disease on countries with strong health systems, COVID-19 posed an even larger threat to densely populated countries already struggling with a low GDP.
As the outbreak unfolded, our teams focused on maintaining and adapting existing programs, raising awareness of the tools that can be used to fight the spread of the infection. We also supported communities impacted by the crisis by providing soap, sanitizer and basic food items to keep them going. We provided assistance to people who could not earn an Income due to lockdown restrictions.

  • 1500 families received food hampers
  • 500 families received soap and sanitizers
  • 1000 people received Covid-19 awareness messages
  • Almost 100 people received small cash handouts to support their living.

In 2020, with a focus very much on Fragile and conflict affected communities, our Programs were, where possible, Partially or fully implemented through Local support on ground and various communities.
The global COVID-19 pandemic brought new challenges to 2Hands foundation monitoring and accountability systems which rely on systematic communication with our program participants on the results of our programs and what could be improved to have greater impact on extreme poverty in the communities Where we work.
Our monitoring plans were quickly adapted at the beginning of the pandemic, adopting a NO CLOSE CONTACT to ensure our teams would not contribute to the spread of the virus where we work.
2Hands is determined to be fully accountable to the Communities with whom we work in relation to the quality and impact of all that we do.