For one in Six Ugandan children and young people growing up in poverty, it can limit their choices, opportunities and outcomes in life. Investing in the education of a disadvantaged child delivers long-term positive benefits for them, their family and potentially generations to come.

As 2Hands Foundation, we support disadvantaged Ugandan children to participate fully in their education, giving them the best chance at breaking the cycle of disadvantage. Our out-of-school learning support and mentoring programs help children in need to fit in at school, keep up with their peers, and build aspirations for a better future for themselves.
Key focus areas

Three key focus areas of our work on education are:

  • Increasing access to education by providing schooling materials
  • Improving child well-being by providing safe and encouraging learning environments.
  • Assist children with special needs to have quality education.
  • To provide supportive educational assistance for children to upgrade their absorption of digital information.

At least 2 million school-age children country wide currently do not know the basics in reading and Writing. This poor level of literacy drives school drop-out and exam failure and blocks students from progressing to secondary school. Ultimately, it puts millions of children at a cruel disadvantage for the rest of their lives. In order to accurately assess, improve and monitor literacy levels.

All children require a safe space to learn and develop. Unfortunately, both physical and psychological aggression and gender biases are prevalent in far too many schools. 2Hands is working to address school-related gender-based violence in education programs across Uganda. We aim to reduce violence and improve methods for responding to violence, as well as addressing attitudes and influences both within and outside of school, from local to national level.

Contributing to a better future for Young Ugandans in need.

Education is a driver of real and powerful change that can break the cycle of disadvantage. Over the last year, thanks to the support of thousands of generous donors, and the dedication of our staff and volunteers, we provided education-oriented learning and support programs to more than 250 disadvantaged Ugandan children and their families. Supporting a child’s education is the best way to help break this cycle. By giving children and young people the support and resources, they need to achieve their full potential, our impact will have a lasting effect on those we help today, and for generations to come.

Share your story

We share these stories and victories with our dedicated supporters from all.


Building Hope: Transforming Education in Buloba

In the words of Maria Montessori, “Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society.” This sentiment resonated deeply with our team as we embarked on a journey to make a positive impact on education in the village of Buloba. Partnering with St. Paul Bwotansimbi School in Mityana district, we witnessed firsthand the dire state of their classroom block, with cracked walls, crumbling floors, and no roof above. Determined to bring about change, we organized a charity fundraiser to construct a new classroom block. However, as our journey unfolded, we realized that sometimes the greatest transformations arise from unexpected paths.

The vision of constructing a new classroom block for St. Paul Bwotansimbi School was the driving force behind our charity fundraiser. With a sense of urgency and determination, we set out to gather the necessary funds. The response from the community and beyond was heartwarming. Through their generous contributions, we were able to collect a total of 14,096,000 in cash, with additional pledges to come.

As we assessed the situation and considered the best way to utilize the funds, we were confronted with a challenging reality. The existing classroom block, which had fallen into disrepair, was in such a dire state that renovating it seemed like the most practical and impactful solution. We consulted with the school administration and the local community, and together we made the decision to redirect the funds towards renovating the existing classroom block.

With renewed determination, our team embarked on the renovation project. The cracked walls were repaired, the floors were strengthened, and a sturdy roof was installed to provide a safe and conducive learning environment for the students. The transformation was remarkable. The dilapidated structure that once stood as a symbol of neglect and limited opportunities was now a vibrant, welcoming space brimming with hope and possibilities.

The impact of our efforts extended far beyond the physical transformation of the classroom block. The students, teachers, and the entire community were uplifted by the renewed spirit of the school. Education is not merely about the infrastructure; it is about nurturing young minds, instilling a love for learning, and empowering children to shape their own futures. Through our actions, we demonstrated the power of collective effort and the importance of investing in early childhood education.

Our journey to Buloba taught us invaluable lessons about the true essence of making a difference. While our initial plan was to construct a new classroom block, we realized that sometimes the most impactful solutions emerge from adapting to the needs of the community. By renovating the existing classroom block, we not only transformed a physical space but also kindled a spark of hope in the hearts of the students and their families. The legacy of our efforts will endure as these young minds flourish and contribute to the betterment of society, just as Maria Montessori envisioned. Together, let us continue to believe in the transformative power of education and work towards building a brighter future for all.