Secure livelihoods offer the vulnerable a pathway to forge their way out of poverty.

Children from poor families in developing countries face many risks, a number of which are associated their livelihood. As innovative and transformative solution to prevent child exploitation, 2Hands Foundation undertakes relevant livelihood programs with adults, as a means to strengthen their income and further prevent the use of child Labor.

For the same, the model integrates activities such as vocational training programs, encouraging traditional arts, setting up small enterprises etc. to enhance family incomes and ensure that children can continue with their education and are not sent to work as child labor.

We implement our livelihoods programs in some of the poorest and most vulnerable Communities in the Uganda
Our programs are designed in accordance with the specific requirements of each local context. We aim to address the obstacles and the systemic changes that are required to bring about effective and sustainable improvements for the vulnerable Children and Youth.

We do this through a broad variety of activities that range from technical skills training and educational support in rural and urban areas.

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Karamoja hunger relief

Restoring Hope and Nourishing

We are thrilled to recount the heartwarming experience of our team during the Karamoja Hunger Relief Campaign, which took place from 10th to 13th November 2023. The campaign aimed to provide much-needed support to the people of Karamoja, a region in Northern Uganda that had been severely impacted by famine and drought due to climate change.

Coming Together to Make a Difference:
Aligned with our commitment to livelihood programs, our team organized this campaign to alleviate the suffering of the Karamoja community. Through the dedication and generosity of our supporters, we were able to raise a significant amount of funds, totaling 6,545,000 UGX and $400 in cash. These resources allowed us to provide vital assistance to 300 families in two villages, namely Lolet Ekia and Lopuku.

Feeding Families, Restoring Hope:
One of the primary objectives of the campaign was to ensure that families had access to nutritious food during this challenging time. Each family received a carefully curated food hamper, which included essential items to sustain them. The hampers consisted of 5kg of maize flour, 5kg of beans, 1 packet of salt, and 1 bar of soap, addressing both their immediate hunger and hygiene needs.

Building Relationships, Spreading Joy:
With the support and collaboration of community leaders, we embarked on a journey to Lolet Ekia and Lopuku villages, where we had the privilege of interacting with the Karamojong people. The resilience and warmth of the community were evident as we entered their manyatas (homesteads). Faces lit up with smiles, and a sense of hope pervaded the air.

Listening to their stories, we understood the immense challenges they faced due to prolonged drought and its devastating consequences. But our presence, coupled with the tangible assistance we provided, served as a beacon of hope. The joy we witnessed on their faces was a testament to the positive impact we were able to make together.

The Karamoja Hunger Relief Campaign was a resounding success, thanks to the collective effort and compassion of our team, supporters, and community leaders. By nourishing 300 families and uplifting their spirits, we took a step towards restoring hope in the lives of those affected by famine and drought.

As we move forward, we remain committed to empowering communities and addressing the root causes of hunger and poverty. Stay tuned for more updates on our ongoing initiatives, and join us in making a lasting impact on the lives of those in need.

Together, let’s continue to spread love, support, and hope to all corners of the world.