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Volunteering at 2Hands is a transformational learning experience that will enable you to make a difference where it’s needed the most.
At 2Hands we believe that each individual can contribute and support in building a better and secure society. We deeply value and appreciate your time and initiative. There are several initiatives, campaigns, events and projects of 2Hands Foundation Uganda, within our education, livelihood and health programs, and your voluntary support is highly welcome.
The duration of the volunteer program with 2Hands varies from a minimum one month to a year. You can also volunteer with us for specific events and campaigns, spanning from a day to a week’s time.

On-site volunteering opportunities often come up during our project execution under different programs that is Education, Livelihood and Health.
We actively seek volunteers, who would be able to help us in our project work, organize events, help raise funds, support in campaigns and participate during the emergency relief work.
As Volunteer, you will learn not just more about the needs of others, you will also learn more about your own needs and you will discover that in helping other, you help yourself most of all.

Why Volunteer with Us?

When you give to 2Hands Foundation, you are not only feeding their mind, body, and spirit. You are feeding the potential for greatness in that child.
Volunteering is such a simple, yet rewarding, way to support a cause you care about. While there are a million reasons why you should volunteer with 2Hands, here are our top 3 ones!

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